Estate Jewelry Buyers

Estate jewelry can often be the hardest thing to part with. For many it’s an impossible feat to ascribe a dollar value to something that might be priceless when it comes to sentimentality.

At Porcello Jewelers, we will treat your heirlooms with the respect that they deserve. We believe that rather than having these items sit in a box, accumulating dust, they could be bringing a new family joy (with a little bit of cash in your pocket).

From rings to necklaces to bracelets to earrings and any other jewelry you no longer wear, Porcello Jewelers is the place to bring them. For three generations, the Porcello family have been the Northwest’s own personal Jewelry buyer. We have proudly served clients that need to sell unwanted jewelry in Bellevue for more than 60 years. If you would rather have cash for your family jewelry, and give someone else the chance to look good wearing it, come right to the Porcello family business today.

Visit Porcello Jewelers, at either our Bellevue location or one of our many buying events, and bring us your estate jewelry for a fair and reasonable assessment of their value today.

Come to the estate jewelry buyers trusted in The Northwest for decades

Why Sell your Estate Jewelry to Porcello Jewelers?

At Porcello Jewelers, we’ve been working with estate jewelry for three generations. Our team is driven to give you the best possible experience that is easy, convenient, and caring.

At Porcello Jeweler’s we understand that and will appraise your estate jewelry accurately and with the respect it deserves.