Sell Collectibles

At Porcello Jewelers, we purchase vintage-1056938_960_720more than just jewelry and precious metals.

Sometimes you may realize that you have items you’ve never wanted to throw out, but could be worth some money. Maybe you’ve packed them into boxes a few times and moved with them, until they just stay in those boxes. You move again and realize that you’ve never opened up that box and displayed those old knick-knacks and collectibles like you used to.

Maybe they’re heirlooms, or maybe you bought them on Ebay a long time ago. They might be hiding in a storage unit or inside a cabinet or drawer in your spare room. Ultimately your collectables might just be sitting in a box, taking up space. Maybe it’s time to see if it could start making you some money?

At Porcello Jewelry buyers in Bellevue, we’re happy to evaluate the possible resale value of your commemorative coins, art pieces, small antiques, baseball cards or vintage knives. We buy collectibles from the United States and countries around the world.

Visit Porcello Jewelers, at either our Bellevue location or one of our many buying events, and bring us your collectables for a fair and reasonable assessment of their value today.

Our on-site appraisers in Bellevue are here to help organize your collection for resale and make you an offer.