Sell Your Platinum

sell your platinumAs precious metals go, platinum is not a very easy one to come by. Some might even consider it the most precious of precious metals. Which is why we’re always looking for platinum coins, platinum bars, and platinum jewelry at our Bellevue location.

We buy rings, necklaces, and any kind of jewelry made of platinum, as well as any unwanted scrap platinum you may have, whether you are an individual or a large business. We’re also looking for platinum in the form of bullion, dental items, wire, and flake.

Visit Porcello Jewelers, at either our Bellevue location or one of our many buying events, and bring us your unwanted platinum for a fair and reasonable assessment of their value today.

Bring your platinum to our Bellevue Jewelry buyers today

Why Sell your Platinum Jewelry and Coins to Porcello Jewelers?

At Porcello Jewelers, we’ve been working with platinum rings, platinum jewelry, platinum scrap for three generations. Our team is driven to give you the best possible experience that is easy, convenient, and caring.

At Porcello Jeweler’s we will appraise your platinum jewelry accurately and with the respect it deserves.