Sell Your Rolex

Porcello Jewelers is a collector and seller of numerous brands of fine watches, with Rolex being one of the highest sought after. If you own a Rolex but are interested in trading it in, or even sell it, but prefer working with a reputable dealer, we proudly service the Portland area – Porcello Jewelers can provide the help needed.

Our clientele’s taste ranges, but as of right now, many of them are looking for quality Rolex watches at affordable prices. These timepieces are something we take pride in purchasing. Each one is assessed at fair market value, so not only do you obtain the cash that it is worth, but the timepiece will go to someone who will also cherish it.

So please reach out to Porcello Jewelers if you are interested in selling your Rolex, or feel free to visit one of our buying events. We can look at your watch and provide a unique assessment specifically to your timepiece.

Why Sell your Rolex to Porcello Jewelers?

Porcello Jewelers has been working with numerous brands of watches, including Rolexes for three generations. We are dedicated to providing the best service, as well as experience possible.

It may not be the easiest emotionally to sell your watch. We understand many of them hold sentimental value. We appraise each and every watch at fair value and ensure that we provide it the respect it deserves, while finding it a home it equally deserves.

A Rolex is more than a watch, it is a timepiece worth so much more and our professionals understand that. So schedule a virtual appointment today and learn how your can earn money selling your Rolex.