Accessories or Artwork?

I used to think that there was no way I would spend a huge chunk of change on a piece of jewelry! My boyfriend, a watch fanatic, has dropped thousands of dollars on watches that merely tell the time— or so I thought! I recently have begun to understand why a watch is much more than a time telling machine, or why a piece of jewelry can be more than just an outfit accessory. 

The detail and thought that goes into a piece of artwork at a museum can be compared to the innovation and design that goes into creating a watch. As mentioned previously, I used to think of watches as just a convenient way to tell the time. As I learned more about luxury watches, I quickly realized how wrong I was. A watch with an exhibition case back gave me insight as to just how complex the inside of a watch is! The inner workings of the movement are a work of art in itself, as it takes a lot of knowledge and engineering to design such products.

Inner movements aside, I was astounded by the wide array of styles that Porcello’s Jewelers had in their watch cases. One of my favorite watches is the Omega Speedmaster with an almost “galaxy-like” design on the face.

Watches aside, let’s get into jewelry! While I love a simple design and have a lot of dainty pieces in my personal collection, I have come to appreciate more distinctive pieces of jewelry that display unique craftsmanship and flair! A pair of earrings that stuck out to me at Porcello’s were these beautiful diamond butterflies. It takes true artistry to assemble diamonds in such a beautiful fashion, and these butterfly earrings are unlike any I have seen before. I have no doubt whoever wears these earrings will receive compliments on the artistry of this beautiful adornment.

As I have learned more about how a piece of jewelry or a nice watch can double as an accessory and a piece of art, I am more inclined to purchase pieces that can be appreciated for their unique design and innovation. When it comes to buying beautiful and wearable art, I know I will be shopping at Porcello’s! 

– Jessica Pressman