Porcello History & Tradition


Every generation is hugely different than the one before it. Music, fashion, dating, communication… the previous generation can barely comprehend the current trends, much less appreciate them.

But here’s the deal: There are some things that transcend generational differences. Think of a cabin that’s been a family gathering place for decades of vacations. Or a favorite recipe your mom made just the way her mom did, and now you make it that way, too. Or family heirlooms that have been passed down through time.

When something lasts through three generations, it’s because it really means something special to the people involved.

Porcello Jewelers is one of those things. That’s why it’s still (proudly) owned and managed by the family that started it.

Ann and Tony Porcello founded Porcello Jewelers in 1952. Tony was already working in the jewelry industry, but his true passion was to own his own shop, a place where he could create and offer signature jewelry to his customers – and savor the joy those pieces brought people. Ann and Tony opened up a shop in Renton, eventually settling in Bellevue and operating their store together successfully for decades.

It’s been a true family business from the beginning, in every sense – one that extended across generations. Ann and Tony’s grandkids grew up spending lots of time in the shop, surrounded by the fine jewels, and the grandparents taught them the ins and outs of the business. It’s no surprise that several of them developed a deep love for the business, and chose it as their career path.

In fact, these days three of Ann and Tony’s five grandchildren work together as a family unit, collectively managing Porcello Jewelry. Among their team you’ll find a Rolex-certified watchmaker, highly skilled diamond cutters, and some of the most experienced custom-jewelry designers in Bellevue.

For antique and estate jewelry, watches, sterling silver and collectible coins, Porcello’s can match your tastes with something classic and recognizable, or a unique artistic piece that will set you apart. With decades of experience in the fields of jewelry buying, selling and appraising, you can trust their expert advice. And they offer free estimates on watch repairs, and complimentary cleaning and inspection of your jewelry – it doesn’t matter if you bought it from them or not.

This generation of the Porcello lineage may not dress like their elders, or listen to the same music, but they honor the family legacy every day – by making sure they keep up the standards of customer service and high-quality jewelry at prices everyone can afford.