The Essentials of Style


A jewelry store – Porcello Jewelers in particular – is a dazzling place. All the gems, in all their colors. The silver, the gold, the platinum. The creativity of all the styles to appeal to all the tastes. We know: It can be a little overwhelming. It’s kind of like an ice cream store with too many good flavors – how do you choose?

Well, sometimes it makes sense to stick to the basics. Not the basics like boring – the basics like timeless, like versatile… like classic. There are a few essential pieces of jewelry that act as the foundation of your collection – and your personal style.

We’re talking about pieces that define, and refine, your look. Items you can use equally effectively in multiple situations. Items that will never look less than great.

So, what are these true essentials you can use to build your personal style, confidently and cost-efficiently?

Let’s start with women. For you, there are five pieces you can never go wrong with. These are the little black dresses of accessorizing.

  • Diamond stud earrings: Talk about bang for your buck – a pair of petite diamonds goes a long, long way in a simple pair of studs. They’re small enough to not dominate your appearance, but sparkly enough to be noticed. You can wear these every day, dressing up or dressing down. True versatility.

  • Diamond solitaire pendant: Another touch of pure, simple class. If the diamond studs are the basic foundation of your look, here’s where you start adding highlights. Spread the love – a solitaire pendant provides the perfect complement to your earrings. For business, social or casual, create a triangle of sparkling beauty.

  • Diamond tennis bracelet: Step it up with something dazzling yet understated. Any ensemble benefits from the circle of subtle brilliance a tennis bracelet delivers. And it goes with everything!

  • Right-hand ring: Everyone looks at left hands – give people a reason to notice your other side. A right-hand ring is a way to make your personal fashion statement; find one that lets the world know something unique about you.

  • Strand of pearls: Trends come and go, but some things are truly timeless. For generations, gleaming pearls have been a sign of elegant taste. Wear them often, or save them for dress-up occasions like formal dinners or weddings – you’ll feel sophisticated every time you slip them on.

And for men? There may be fewer options, but they’re no less important in conveying the message you want to send. No matter where you are or what you’re wearing, looking your best is helped out by these basics.

  • Sport watch: Day to day, the watch you wear says volumes about you. Your clothes change, but your watch is a constant that people see daily. Choose one that embodies you the best. It should have the ruggedness to keep up with your crazy life, but also have the looks to show you’re interested in form, not just function.

  • Dress watch: Elevating your look to match the occasion is about more than your clothes and a haircut; what’s on your wrist plays a huge role. There are many design directions you can go, so pick something that’s distinctive enough to be noticed but understated enough to seem effortlessly cool.

  • Cuff links: Nothing tops off a well-cut suit and a tasteful tie like a pair of snappy cuff links. Anyone can buy clothes; a man of style knows how to add an extra touch of class. Reward those around you who pay attention to detail by showing that you do, too.

Porcello Jewelers understands that good looks always start with basics. Come in and let us help you build a style foundation, in a way that shows the world the best of you.